Required Program Courses

Over a two-year period, McNair Scholars enroll and complete coursework along with other members of their cohort: Year One, which is an introduction to research, is centered on academic research, its purpose, process, methods, and various approaches. Year Two, offers an introduction to graduate school and focuses on funding, applying, interviewing, visiting, and selecting a graduate school.

McNair Seminar: Introduction to Research I and II (Year One) 3 cr. each
McNair Scholars will:

  • Engage with curriculum on research methods and processes
  • Begin faculty-led research work
  • Meet with McNair staff including the research writing consultant one-on-one to assess progress
  • Build social capital and community among peers and develop and complete team in-class projects

McNair Senior Seminar I and II (Year Two) 1 cr. each
McNair Scholars will:

  • Investigate various schools and benefits offered to students pursuing an advanced degree
  • Initiate and complete components of graduate school applications
  • Continue faculty-led research work
  • Meet with McNair staff one-on-one to assess progress
  • Present faculty-led research at national conferences
  • Build confidence for transitioning to a graduate program